10 May 2017

Mark Levin -- The Political Bully

I’ve had it with Mark Levin.  He’s a mean-spirited jerk.  “That’s right. I said it!” 

Years ago, when I was driving over the road I was flipping through the radio one night and I found the Mark Levin Show. At first I thought the guy was a nut job. Then I gave him a chance and ended up listening to Mark for years. What I like about him is he’s not a party line cheerleader for the Republicans. If someone isn’t towing the line he says so. He doesn’t cut any slack no matter who they are or what political party they belong. 

Another thing I like about Mark is you won’t find him giving parroted arguments or talking points you would expect from other radio hosts. Depending on the complexity of the argument he might use political philosophy and history to back up his point. Sometimes he would read long quotes from our founding fathers and writers of the Constitution. I especially love it when he talks about history. Make no mistake -- Mark Levin is the real deal, a true blue Constitutional Conservative. 

What put me over the edge was a show I was listening to on Podcast the other day. A guy calls in and says, “Thank you for taking my call. It’s an honor to speak to you.” The topic was the health care bill recently passed by the House. The caller said he liked the bill because it kept the precondition rule.

He didn’t have insurance and said, “…it’s cheaper to pay when I need to go to the doctor.”

Then Mark said, “Let’s say you have catastrophe, am I supposed to pay for that?”

The caller, “No sir.”

Mark, “Oh yes, but I have to because then you have a preexisting condition.”

The caller, “This is true.”

Mark, “Yeah, so you know what you are?”

The caller doesn’t answer.

Mark repeats the question, “So do you know what you are?”

There’s a pause. 

Mark, “You’re a parasite.”

The caller may have a been a liberal operative, who knows. Occasionally a few slip by “Mr. Call Screener” and try to entangle Mark on questions and so on. The caller, however, seemed to be a genuine Mark Levin fan.

It’s one thing to bad mouth politicians in Washington. I’ve done my share. If Mark continues to attack his fans he’ll find himself without an audience and maybe even lose a few advertisers. It was Mark’s passion that first got my attention, but he should use a little discretion on who should be on the receiving end of it. 

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