17 January 2017

What I Wanted To Say But Someone Beat Me To It

You ain't seen nothing yet. The Leftists or Social Communists, (they're all the same) for the next 4 years will do everything in their power to unseat Trump from the Whitehouse. They haven't wasted any time. They've already begun. The fake news, lies, the bogus stories, all of which so far has blown up in their faces. But it doesn't matter. You think the news, social media, and politics are sleazy now, just you wait.

As Eric Dixon said in his article, as far as the left is concerned -- the rule of law be damned.

Get ready for the sleaziest, bottom of the barrel attacks against Trump, his supporters, and Constitutional conservatives such as you have never seen. You can read Eric's article here: The Left's Era of Dread

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