28 November 2015

Biblical Iliteracy

We don't need more "how to books" dealing with anxiety or troubled marriages. We need a revival in the Reformed Evangelical Church.  A revival which places the Bible at the center of our thinking. A revival of content which transforms the heart of believers. It's not a enough to learn how to quote verses or tell others about about the emotional connection we have with Jesus Christ. We need to be able to explain our faith, and to give sound reasons as to why we believe the Bible is true.

Maybe Biblical illiteracy is expected in secular society today, but with the abundant resources we have available, quite literally at our finger tips, it should not be expected in the church.  David R. Nienhuis, explains in his essay, "The Problem of Evangelical Biblical Illiteracy -- A View from the Classroom" the issues involved and possible solutions. You can read the essay here: The Problem of Biblical Illiteracy

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