19 July 2016

I'm Staying Out of Poltics, But...

I received an advertisement for a local church last week. On the front of the card there are two photos juxtaposed of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. On the back of the card is says, "Polls would indicate that a vast majority are disappointed with both options."  Then it goes on talking about a "third-party" -- God's Kingdom. Nice segue I guess.

Whether the polls would or do suggest a vast majority are not please with the candidates I don't know. I do know as a conservative I am definitely not please with Trump. I was talking with a friend the other day about how things turned out. He said, "It's almost surreal." I couldn't agree more. So who's to blame? Again, it's is willful ignorance: Ignorance and The Great Books.

Trump is not a conservative any more than Hilary is.

The frustration this primary election, heck, the last 8 years under Obama has cast a foreboding cloud over this great country. It shows. You see it in peoples faces. People form all walks of life talk about what's happening in the U.S and globally with concern, disgust, and dejection under this President. His administration is and has transformed this nation just like he said. And yes, the phony republicans in congress have done nothing to stop him. We are literally and figuratively bleeding out in so many ways. After this I'm done with politics. Well, at least on this blog I am.

Enough of my rant. So is Trump a conservative. No. I doubt he's even read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. If he's elected he'll probably need a tutor to bring him up to speed. But don't take my word for it, read "Trump vs. Reagan: What Is a Conservative? by Ken G. Kengor. Click the following link: http://www.themoralliberal.com/2016/07/19/trump-vs-reagan-what-is-a-conservative/

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