31 July 2016

Back Into The Fray...I Guess

I said I would stop commenting on political issues. I said I was out of politics. I'm hopeless.

It's like the scene in one of godfather movies where what's his name, the son of the godfather, is sitting in the kitchen with his wife and he says something like, "Every time I want out they keep drawing me back in!"

I use to be an avid news reader. There were certain websites I had bookmarked and spent a lot of time looking into things. I had to because I was debating certain people on f/suck, you know, those wacky Left Wing Democrats. Talking about "headbutting" your keyboard. Man O' Man, I never thought wrangling about political and social issues could get me so fired up!

What used to bug me were hacks who had no idea of what they were talking about. Do you know people actually copy paste whole arguments from other websites and claim it as their own? Unabashed Plagiarism. It's true. I knew a guy who did it all the time. The pathetic thing was all his fb friends thought he was so smart.

I finally had to put an end to it. Now I can proudly boast that I am no longer an active participant on fb. I mean it. I don't argue with people anymore. I don't click "like" except maybe once a while, and when I do it is not on political comments or memes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I'm a expert on political theory, history, or can talk at great length on social issues and the like, but I know what I know. I spent a lot time on certain issues just so I could write half way intelligently about it.

What prompted this little post was something I read. Apparently Sanders (the commie) claims Trump (the liberal hack) wanted to actually lower the minimum wage. This is a quote from Trump defending his position:

"In fact, some of the folks on your network said, 'Wow that was really a lie; he said that I wanted to go less than minimum wage' — this is a new one because I'm the one Republican that said in some cases we have to go more than minimum wage, but what I like is states," -- Business Insider -Pamela Engel

Now I want to make one thing absolutely clear. I am not a intellectual snob. Never underestimate someone who talks or writes like an moron. You may think someone is dumb by the way they look or talk, but let me tell you my friend, in some cases they can run intellectual circles around you if you keep your mouth shut long enough.  

That said, I am not convinced this applies to Trump. Listen to the what he says.  "...but I what I like is states". Are you kidding me? This is the man who might be President of United States? And who are these people who nominated him for the Republican party? 

When I think about the candidates Americans are choosing it absolutely baffles me. (don't get me started on Obama and Hilary) But Trump? There must be a Sci-Fi explanation for this. There has to be. Like maybe the state of affairs in another Possible World is somehow colliding with our world and we can't tell the difference. Yeah, that's it! It must be! 

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