16 August 2015

A Sermon by: John Calvin

 Armed for the Fight Against Grave and Serious Error

We have been warned that if God’s truth is being undermined, or if any are turning from the simplicity of the Gospel, we are to spare nothing and no one. Even if the whole world were to crumble as a result, we must maintain God’s cause with unshakeable constancy, without bending for anyone in any way. – from the sermon.

The editor’s note begins, “Note how apropos this sermon is for today.” Click on the title above to read the sermon.

John Calvin’s sermon is not only relevant, it speaks precisely to many of the problems we face in our time. Compromising the truth for fear of what others might think of us is just one example. Tolerating the errors of some for the sake of “peace” or a false sense of Christian unity is another. 

It is not just the Biblical exposition which is apropos, it is the attitude Mr. Calvin reveals in his sermon that is exactly the kind of boldness pastors and church leaders need. It has been a long time since I have heard a sermon with this kind force and seriousness. 

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